St. Killians value safety and the importance of providing peace of mind of burning candles within the church. These values have strengthened in recent months of Covid-19 to allow parishioners to light candles in the safest possible way.

St. Killians remain operational during these times to service you with all your needs. It is paramount for us that parishioners can attend their place of worship to light a candle for that special intention. We have learned how trying times in one’s life can be; however, one thing that is certain is our faith in God and been able to continue this offering tradition during these difficult times is more important now, than ever.

Our patented design of the three-glass system to house the candle as it burns and subsequently drops provides the ‘one touch’ element to the system. It eliminates the need for someone to remove the empty candle to provide a space for the next candle to be lit.

All our St. Killians stands are fitted with two taper boxes which provide the ability to have ‘new’ and ‘used’ tapers to help eliminate chance of contamination.

We are working closely with our logistic partners to ensure all deliveries can continue wherever in the world you may be. If you require help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us