What makes St.Killians different to other Candle Burning Systems?

St. Killian’s is proven around the world to be the Cleanest, Safest, and the only smokeless candle burning system in existence.

Will our church make money if we install St. Killian’s?

People are always very generous when they are lighting candles. Putting a candle offering on the money box is important to guide people to the €1.00 or €2.00 candle Offering.

Are the candle stands secure from theft?

You will always run the risk of theft where money is in circulation. However, we have specially designed cash boxes which makes theft extremely difficult for theft to occur.

What happens if the glasses get broken or stolen? How can they be replaced?

Our lifetime guarantee will cover this problem. We supply extra glasses for such events, but this very rarely happens.

Our parishioners like to light the candles on our current system.

Change is always difficult, however when your parishioners are informed that St. Killians is a much more safer and cleaner system they are always happy to make the change.

Will everyone pay the suggested Candle Offering?

You will always have people that will light a candle and not pay for it. However, the majority of people will pay the suggested offering which will cover the loss of the certain individuals who do not pay.

Who will clean the glasses when they get dirty?
We provide a free glass cleaning service to your church. All that is required is to contact our office and they will send a supply of clean glasses for a complete change-over. We provide a delivery label for you to send back your used glasses which we clean and recycle. This service is provided free of charge to your church.
How much maintenance is involved in keeping the candle stand clean?

There is very little maintenance involved, approx 15 minutes per candle stand is all that is required.
St. Killians will provide all of the necessary cleaning materials free of charge. We also have an online demonstration video explaining how to service and maintain your candle stand – available to view at here

We have electric candle stands. Why would we change?

People like to light real candles, however churches changed from the burning of candles to electric due to the damage candles were causing to the interior of the church, from the smoke damage to the walls and ceilings and the wax damage to the floors. So many churches are now switching back to real candles because of the benefits of St. Killians Candle Burning System.

How often do we need to change the water in the water trays?

There is no need to change the water, only to refill the water when it begins to evaporate. It is just the wax that needs to be removed on a daily/weekly basis, depending on usage.

What happens if I need spare parts, are they available?

Of course they are. St. Killians provide a lifetime guarantee with all of our candle stands. If any spare parts are required St. Killians will provide them free of charge.