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Installing your candle stand

• Unscrew panels of crate
• Remove everything from the crate
• Release brakes and remove the stand from the crate
• Use a knife to remove the plastic from the stand- please cut from the back to protect the paintwork
• Open the back door and leave open until set up is complete
• Take the silicone from the service kit and spray the stand **please see safety precautions on the back of the can**
• Remove the glass from the tray and place on the entire candle stand (middles then inners)
• Place approx. 2” of water int eh water tray (please note you will never need to remove the water, only top it up)
• Place sand and tapers into the taper boxes
• Close the back door and apply brakes
• Remove candle holder, using allen wrench and set to the required height
• Cut the tabs a t either side of the candle box, remove the lid and place on candles in the holder

Take your first candle, light it, Welcome to St Killians.