Let your Church be part of the
Solution to Plastic Pollution

“The family needs a home, a fit environment in which to develop its proper relationships. For the human family, the home is the earth, the environment that God the Creator has given us to inhabit with creativity and responsibility.”
“We need to care for the environment.” – Pope Benedict

The problem of single use plastic.

  • Plastic pollution is destroying our planet. It is chocking our oceans, poisoning our food and water supply and causing havoc to the health and well-being of both humans and wildlife.
  • It is estimated that 380 million tons of plastic is produced worldwide every year, with only 9% recycled and 3% incinerated. The remaining 88% is dumped into landfills and the oceans around the world.
  • For the past 50 years, the problem of single-use plastic votive candles has been a continuous problem for Churches all over the world.
  • Once used these plastic cups and containers cannot be recycled and inevitably end up in landfills.
  • It will take 500-1000 years for plastic to decompose !

Some Facts About Plastic

1.   91% of plastic is not recycled, it is dumped into landfill.
2.   It takes 500-1000 years for plastic to decompose.
3.   Every piece of plastic that has ever been created is still in existence.
4.   Single use plastic cups from votive candles are never recycled they are dumped into landfill.
5.   Plastic pollution is toxic to human health.
6.   200 cities worldwide have introduced plastic bag bans.
7.   By 2050, unless action is taken the oceans around the world will contain more plastic than Fish. By weight.
8.   The EU are going to introduce a ban on single use plastics in 2020.
9.   Plastic never goes away.
10.  Single use plastic accounts for 50% of all plastic produced.

The problem of single use Plastic Votive Candles.

These are single use plastic votive candles that burn for 2 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours in a church, the used plastic from these will remain on Earth for a 1000 years.

The plastics from these cannot be recycled and 1000’s of Tonnes of these eventually end up being dumped into landfill. Let your Church be a part of the Solution to Plastic Pollution.