The Safest, Cleanest, Smokeless Candle Burning System In The World

St. Killians is a revolutionary Candle Burning System that was invented to stop ongoing problems such as smoke damage to walls, ceilings and artwork and the more alarming issue of fire hazard in Cathedrals, Shrines and Churches.

With our Patented Glass System, the flame is protected at all times.

Our candles are made from the highest quality of paraffin wax with all of the impurities removed leaving just 100% refined paraffin.

St. Malachy’s Range

The St. Malachy’s Candle Stand comes in one size only and has 58 glasses as standard.
This candle stand is very compact and is ideal for all locations.


St. Patrick’s Range

The St. Patrick’s Range has been designed to maximize the burning capacity, making it the ideal candle stand for the busy Cathedrals, Churches and Shrines. The slight increase in the sizes of the units allows for more than double the amount of glass candle holders.


St. Michael’s Range

The St. Michael’s Range has been especially designed for a Cathedral or Church where space is an issue. Due to the design of this candle stand, there is the option to house a statue, reducing the space that it would demand.

Timber Surround Range

These beautifully designed timber surround units have been manufactured with skill and perfection and incorporate the St. Killians Candle Burning System.

Irish Contract Seating are the manufacturers of these timber surrounds and are proudly displayed in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York along with the Holy Trinity and St. Paul’s Church, Wall Street, New York.

St. Killians Accessories

Removable Cash Box

St. Killians Cash Box
and Cash Box Lifter

Candle Box

Candle Box
632 Candles

Free standing cash offerings box

St. Killians Free Standing Cashbox

Free Candle Box Holder

Adjustable Heights

Cash Donation Signs

St. Killians Donation Signs

Any currency & price can be displayed

Glass Colours

The glasses are available in three different colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Amber


A Selection of St. Killians Candle Burning System installations in St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Cathedrals & Shrines 2nd Edition

From 2011 – 2017


Cathedrals & Shrines 1st Edition

From 2011 – 2016


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