“We at Catholic Mutual Group recommend that our members consider St. Killian’s Candle Burning System. This system, which is in use at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, as well as many other Catholic churches in North America and Europe, was designed to reduce the risk of fire, as well as prevent smoke and soot damage to walls, ceilings and artwork.”

Practicing Candle Safety

Candles have always been an important symbol of our faith. They represent the presence of God in our churches and His light in the world. They are aflame during our times of most exultant celebration, and our moments of deepest sorrow. Their prescribed use is not only part of our tradition, it is part of our doctrine.

That doesn’t make them inherently safe, however. In fact, each year several church properties are involved in fires related to candle usage. In some cases, it’s a relatively minor issue, while in others, it can be catastrophic. Our CARES library offers extensive guidelines for candle usage, care and storage to ensure the safety of people and church properties and reduce fire risk exposure. To learn more, please contact your risk management representative.




Be Alarmed


We tend to remember to check the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms in our homes when we change the clocks, but we may not always have the same trigger when it comes to smoke and carbon monoxide safety in our Church properties. In fact, to limit the risk exposure of smoke and carbon monoxide, we recommend that each alarm is checked once a month. Our CARES library provides information about the proper installation and maintenance for smoke detectors and making sure you are prepared for a fire, as well as preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and what to do should the alarm sound.

Spanish Materials Available

Catholic Mutual has worked with Guest Communications Corporation for many years in making emergency response (flip tab) manuals for schools, parishes and Catholic organizations available to our members. We are happy to announce they can now be ordered in Spanish at the same cost. To order, please contact Guest at 800-637-8525 and identify yourself as a Catholic Mutual member. Any questions regarding manual contents or costs, please contact Catholic Mutual’s Risk Management department.

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