Candle Stand Maintenance

With a passion for perfection, St. Killians has prepared a step by step guide along with a short vide on how to maintain your candle stand.

Service Manual

St. Killians designed the Candle Stands in such a way that they are very easy to clean and maintain.

The cleaning is demonstrated in a short video below and also in a short service manual. View the Service Manual online or follow the link below to download a PDF file.

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Servicing Candle Stand

Glass Cleaning Service

Over a period of time from the burning of candles, a coating of wax will accumulate on the glasses that houses the candle.

St. Killians provides a complete change of glasses for the candle stands so that during the cleaning of the candle stands the used glass can be replaced with clean glass.

The used glass will be collected by courier and sent back to our cleaning department. A new set will than be sent when needed. This service is provided at no extra cost to your parish.

Installing Your Candle Stand

St. Killians would like to sincerely thank you and your parish for choosing the St. Killians Candle Burning System for your parish.

St. Killians would like to invite you to watch a short video on your Candle Stand Delivery. This Short video demonstrates the steps involved in installing your candle stand.

Candle Stand Delivery

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