About St. Killians

The St. Killians Candle Burning System was first launched in Ireland in 2009, where it proved to be an immediate success with Cathedrals and Churches throughout Ireland.

This revolutionary Candle Burning System was invented to stop ongoing problems, such as smoke and soot damage to walls, ceilings and artworks along with the more alarming issue of fire hazards.

Cathedrals, Churches and Shrines throughout 23 different Countries have now changed to the St. Killians Candle Burning System to minimize the risk of fire and eliminating smoke and soot damage which once would have been a constant concern.

St. Killians are proud to be the safest, cleanest candle burning system in existence. St. Killians are also proud of the fact that not only is it the manufacturer of the candle, they are also a leading service provider as there is a constant follow up service provided to the Cathedrals, Churches and Shrines with no extra cost to Cathedrals, Churches and Shrines.

Development of the St. Killians Candle Burning System

Michael Murphy and Michael Barrett are the inventors of a unique candle burning system that provides a safer, cleaner and environmentally-friendly method of burning candles for Cathedrals, Churches and Shrines throughout the World.

The traditional method of burning candles were prone to safety, waste and environmental issues along with the destruction of the interior of Cathedrals, Churches and Shrines. The inventors identified that the need for an alternative candle burning system was essential, thus St. Killians was formed.

Over a period of 15 years, St Killians began to transform from an idea that began in a small town in Ireland to a candle burning system that would alleviate the worries of the custodians of Cathedrals, Churches and Shrines throughout the World.

The first candle stand was installed into St Michael’s Church in Tipperary Town, Ireland on the 25th of May 2009 and to date, we have now installed over 4,500 candle stands into Churches and Cathedrals in 23 different countries.

The Owners

St. Killians is owned and managed by experienced professionals who have been in the Church Supplies Business for over 20 years.

Owner and Director Michael Murphy (trading as Murphy Candles Ltd), distributes conventional candle systems and candles from his warehouse in Cahir, Co. Tipperary for nearly 20 years. He has had a close business relationship and friendship with co owner and joint managing director Michael Barrett (owner of The Candle Store in Connemara, Co. Galway) for over 10 years.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission at St. Killians is to provide the Cathedrals, Churches and Shrines throughout the World with the Safest, Cleanest & Smokeless Candle Burning System in existence.
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